Gearbox GBX1 Anniversary Edition 165 Teardrop Green: Gearbox Racquetball Racquets


SKU: 938200000050802


Happy 10 Years, Gearbox! Celebrate with the Gearbox GBX1 Anniversary Edition 165 Teardrop Orange racquetball racquet features premium materials and technology to enhance your game. Players will enjoy excellent power and precision with their shots thanks to Power String Bed, a Maximized Sweet Spot, and enhanced Vibration Control. The patented solid head technology provides a more concave shape for the upper segment of the racquet, helping to increase power and racquet strength. This special racquet features a logo commemorating the 10 year anniversary. Features 100% Carbon Fiber material for premium durability and playability. Features specialized displacement channels and a Power String Bed. Prestrung with a Gearbox 18G Black Monofilament string.