HEAD Graphene Touch Instinct Adaptive 27″ with Kit: HEAD Tennis Racquets


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Experience ultimate personalization with the HEAD Graphene Touch Instinct Adaptive 27.2″ tennis racquet with Kit. Starting with a standard length and 16X19 string pattern, players can then use the ADAPTIVE Tuning Kit to change everything from overall weight and balance to length, swing weight, and string pattern. As always, the Graphene Touch technology provides a wonderful blend of control, power, spin, and maneuverability, but now you can truly make your racquet your own. Ideal for advanced, tournament level players and professionals. Lightweight frame with controllable power and excellent feel from Graphene Touch technology. ADAPTIVE ADAPTIVE-ready racquets comes with a pre-installed 16/19 string pattern and standard length, but its true potential is in its ability to adapt. Thanks to the separate ADAPTIVE Tuning Kit, players are able to further personalize the racquet’s specifications including weight, balance, length, swing weight/power and string pattern. For exclusive tips on the creating the best Adaptive racquet for you, check out Holabird Sports’ Blog.