Honey Stinger Classic Energy Gel 24 Pack: Honey Stinger Nutrition


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Honey Stinger Energy Gel uses the natural power of honey to keep you fueled and ready for action. Provides electrolytes and B vitamins. Low glycemic carbohydrate content. East to digest and great tasting. Great for spreading on toast. Tastes excellent when stirred into tea. Mixes well with water for a natural energy drink. Ideal for quick and sustained energy. Made with pure, natural honey from the USA, water, sodium, potassium, B vitamins, and all-natural flavors. *Ginsting flavor contains kola nut extract which is a natural source of caffeine. For centuries, honey has been used as a natural energy product. Today there are a variety of advanced energy products, but modern science is providing more and more information illustrating the benefits of honey as an energy product.