New Balance BodyTRNr Calorie Monitor: New Balance Fitness Trackers & Pedometers


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The sporty yet sleek New Balance BodyTRNr Calorie Monitor keeps record of your daily activity so you can focus on your fitness. The soft, adjustable band makes it easy to wear 24/7 for continuous use. Assess the estimated calories burned, steps, distance, and workout time. The unique, rectangular face sits right at the corner of your wrist so you can see it easily and quicker. Sync the watch data to the SmartTRNr fitness app to set and assess training goals. Syncs with Apple iOS devices iOS 6.0 +, iPhone® 4S +, or iPod touch® (5th Gen. +). Compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0 or Bluetooth® Smart Ready devices. Auto resets at midnight. Red backlight. Built with an automatic exercise timer. Display features the time, calories burned, step counter, distance traveled, and exercise timer. 30M water resistant.