PowerAngle CENTRIC: PowerAngle Tennis Racquets


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Providing unmatched comfort, the PowerAngle Centric tennis racquet offers 40% less vibration to protect the muscles and joints in your shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and hand. These diagonals are also equal in length and disperse the impact of the ball more evenly around the frame. Youll benefit from a more consistent performance and controlled power. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players. Independent researcher Micah Joselow tested the Effect of PowerAngle Diagonal Stringing on Levels of Vibration and Overall Performance of a Tennis Racquet. Joselows research results confirm the fact that PowerAngle diagonal stringing “significantly reduces levels of vibration, without reducing overall performance, and lessened the negative physical effects on a tennis player’s elbow.” Provides controlled power with added spin. Built with 95% Graphite and 5% Fiberglass. Diagonal strings grip the ball for increased dwell time and control. Pattern forms a more secure weave and less friction. Tournament legal and conform to the official ITF Rules of Tennis. Tension Note: 4-pt mounting, or electronic machine = 49-54 lbs, lower 5 lbs on last 2 diagonals.