Spenco RX Orthotic Arch: Spenco Insoles


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Spenco® 3/4 Orthotic Arch Insoles provide firm, adjustable arch support. Designed to support most medium to high arches without adjustment, these insoles also cushion impact and reduce friction to prevent blisters. They are specifically designed to help control the position of the feet and stabilize and balance the foot providing the extra comfort and support needed for optimum performance. SpenCore™ layer cushions impact. Moldable orthotic cradle provides balance and stability. Low friction top cloth helps prevent blisters. Silpure antimicrobial top cloth reduces odor. Unconditionally guaranteed for one full year. To Increase Arch Height: Heat orthotic in boiling water for two minutes. Using gloves to protect your hands, bend the orthotic to the desired shape. Allow the orthotic to cool. Remold if necessary. *Recipient of the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, which recognizes products that have been found beneficial to foot health, and of significant value when used in a consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment.